Leaked Tape: Rockson Bukari Details Himself What Transpired between Him and Journalist

Free Download Leaked Tape: Rockson Bukari Details Himself What Transpired between Him and Journalist Latest [Nulled] Version

Minister Attempts to Bribe Journalist to Drop Story of Alleged Wrongdoing by a Judge.

The Minister of State, Rockson Ayine Bukari, recalls a private telephony conversation with Edward Edeti sometime late 2018. He had returned a missed call from Edeti. He does not contest the contents of portions of the recorded conversation leaked to the public by said Edeti. The fact though is that that conversation lasted more than the 4 minutes 22 seconds clip of what serves his present purposes.

The Minister, having had a relationship with Edeti, made an intervention when his attention was brought to an alleged confrontation over Edeti’s alleged enquiry about documents allegedly handed to Justice Jacob Boon (Justice of the High Court, Bolgatanga) by a party to a suit involving two mining companies, Shaanxi Mining Ghana Limited and Cassius Mining Limited.

The Minister had been informed that said documents were delivered in compliance with the judge’s request in open court. He had been informed that Edeti sought to raise questions why the documents were not delivered in open court as he threatened a publication of an attempt to corrupt justice as he had been told by the other party that sponsored him.

The Minister’s intervention was therefore to corroborate and caution his young friend against hurting the reputation of a judge unfairly and without proper basis.

In this tape, Edeti’s comments and responses including that managers of Shaanxi had “hard hands” are omitted.

The Minister did not bother to know much about the demands of Edeti but only assured that he will inform those who sought his intervention to consider to get managers of Shaanxi to give him whatever Edeti claimed was denied him for previous work.

The Minister, in fact, advised his young friend against bribe-taking (as heard on this tape) and that was consistent with what he is publicly known to do, fight corruption in public office.

For the avoidance of doubt, the Minister’s approach by way of pleading with Edeti is typical with his peace-making intervention approach to situations, and in this case, sought to avoid what he was informed was a misjudgment sought to be projected to hurt the reputation of a retiring judge in the region he had superintended as minister.

The matter had nothing to do with Government and the Minister is unaware, and the unfortunate publication does not also show that Shaanxi committed any illegality or that justice was compromised in the matter.

Once again, this was not an interview but a private telephony conversation recorded in breach of law and journalistic ethics.

Office of the Minister of State – Rockson A. Bukari.

Dated in Accra this Sunday the 28th day of April 2019.