Workers’ Day: CLOGSAG Raise Issues over Duties Ceded to Private companies

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Current Executive Secretary of the Civil and Local Government Staff Association (CLOGSAG) has raised worrying issues which the association is faced with.

According to him, the Auditor General is giving out the principal duty of the association to private consultancies – a phenomenon he described worrying and a defeat for the purpose by which the group was formed.

Speaking to Otec FM – 102.9, Kumasi-based radio station on its socio-political show Dwabrem, Tuesday, May 30, 2019, he wished all workers well and expressed appreciation for their immense contribution towards nation building.

When asked on some of the challenges with the previous government, the Secretary revealed that, the leadership of the association has made some way and is working hard in the interest of the group.

However, he expressed some worries over some actions by the Office of the Auditor General. He said that, the Auditor General is giving out their duties to private consultancies.

He explained further that their duties at the district levels involve internal auditing and it’s upon the work that they have done that the Auditor General is previewed to probe further.

He explained that, after the Auditor General has gone into their books and detected any misappropriation that the officer-in-charge could be charged.

But on the contrary, the Auditor General has hired private consultancies which take over their duties.

He explained further that, the private companies which are third parties intrude into their duties subjecting them to interrogations. He also said that, sometimes, unexpected text messages are sent them for their availability for some probes.

He expressed also that, there’s a breach of privacy in the course of the companies doing their work which they should do rather. He said that, many times, they have to leave their private codes to the companies accessing every bit of their personal details which to him could be used by anyone buy items on credit with some selected commercial companies.

“If the work we should do is ceded to the Auditor General, what other oversight duty would the office exercise over its own duty using private consultancies?” He asked the host of the prgramme.

CLOGSAG, as an association has raised this earlier citing the Office of the Finance Ministry incriminating it for such anomalies – a phenomenon which nearly resulted to strike actions.

Talking about the BNI extending unexpected investigations into their work, he explained that, at the moment, there are systems which are checking and regulating members.

Meanwhile, renowned socio-political analyst, Abdul Malik Kweku Baako in one his radio discussions confirmed that, the move by the Ministry was not a novelty since there’s a legal instrument which permits such citing one outstanding auditing firm which many governments have hired to work on their behalf though those governments had their auditing agencies available.

In expressing such, there was no member of CLOGSAG on the panel to differ.[email protected]